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And this too shall pass

What I know for sure is that everything is temporary. Now I know this is not a novel thought. It’s just that this realization is what I believe we must remember. It’s easy to allow ourselves to become anxious, sad, angry or distressed. But, if we remember that it is all temporary, it may offer some relief to these feelings. In order to shift our mindset we must find time to be still. Find time to take deep and conscious breaths. The more we are able to do this, the easier it becomes to relax in knowing that it really is all temporary. Leo Tolstoy said “If you want to be happy, be”. I’ve learned that reminding ourselves that everything is temporary is a way to cultivate happiness, in the midst of whatever challenges we may be dealing with.

If you have taken a moment to read this, I invite you to take a moment and breathe, deeply. Pause, close your mouth, and maybe even your eyes. Inhale deeply. Fill your belly. Notice your chest rise and feel your ribs expand. Hold that breath for 1-3 seconds. Keeping your mouth closed, exhale fully, through your nose. Repeat 2-3 times. Notice how you feel now. Pay attention to the subtle sensations in your body. Remember it’s all temporary. Here’s to taking time to be!


A gratitude practice

Life teaches us many lessons, when we are paying attention.  These lessons come in many ways.  As I continue on my life’s journey I find that practicing gratitude helps us to remain humble, be more able to forgive and embrace our perfect imperfections.

I am grateful for the challenges that visit me, the joy that fills me and the life lessons that continue to arrive in my human inbox.  Beyond an attitude of gratitude I am working on practicing gratitude, each day.

I am grateful that you took a moment to stop and read this.  May your life’s journey continue to lead you on the path of your best self!

With gratitude,

Spring Cleaning

With spring in full bloom and summer just around the corner its a wonderful time to spring clean.  Consider cleaning from the inside out.  Purging the weight of winter and making space for the light breeze and warm days of spring are refreshing and renewing.  In my effort to spring clean my internal house, I recently embarked upon a 14 day conscious eating and yoga challenge.  I have shed some unwanted extra pounds and strengthened my yoga practice in the process.

Here are a few tips for spring cleaning.

1 – Get out and move.  According to Dr. Oz the top 3 ways to live a healthier, happier life are:

a – move more               b – eat less               c – manage stress

2 – Eat less.  Think about bringing more nature into your diet.  Think color when preparing to eat.  A simple technique is to be sure the rainbow is on your plate.  Eating colorfully ensures vibrancy.

3 – Yoga is one of the best ways to manage stress.  It’s all about that breath.  Take deep conscious breaths especially when engaged in anything that is not helping you to smile!

4 – Be grateful.  Start your day with an attitude of gratitude.  Whenever you wake up, allow gratitude be the first thought in your mind and mental say thank you, for this day, this breath, this moment.

5- Notice your surroundings.  Smell flowers, listen for birds.  You will be amazed at how these simple acts will transform your thinking.

Join me on June 21st for my Breathing Space Workshop.  2-4pm at Pure Vitality, 3614 Hwy 5 Douglasville GA 30135

This 2 hour workshop will leave you feeling relaxed, restored and renewed.

Happy Spring



Lessons from my garden

In this place I am fully present! I love to garden! I love to eat! I love real food! I have been gardening for many years now. Until recently I did not notice how focused, calm and relaxed I am in this place. The more I spend time here the more I realize why I love it so much. The lessons that unfold are as bountiful as the food that I harvest. Nature is kind, strong, relentless, forgiving and nurturing. Each year my garden grows as do I. Each year my garden changes as do I. Each year my skills deepen, my mind stretches and my body strengthens. The garden is silent and it speaks truth. The garden meets me at every step. When I am giving so is my garden. When I am selfish so is my garden. The garden is one of the greatest teachers I have encountered, yet it does not speak. I am grateful for my garden. Namaste

A New Year. Refresh and Renew!

A new year brings renewed energy, ideas and commitments. Beginnings allow us to start fresh, if need
be or continue forge ahead. As life is a journey for all of us, certainly we must find joy along the way, in order to sustain it. I am personally committed to sharing the awesome gift of yoga with all whom I connect with. As I continue to grow, mentally and spiritually, living authentically is high on my list.
I sincerely encourage everyone to do the same. Be your authentic self. 2012 has passed but the lessons we have learned are present. Take each lesson and use it as a tool in your toolkit.

The measure of greatness

Quantifying greatness is just not possible.  But we do recognize greatness when we see it.  We know of  “The great Muhammad Ali” and Alexander the Great (a Roman leader).  Indeed these individuals have impacted history and the world in profound ways.   Nelson Mandela, just passed on after 95 years of life.  He, in my opinion,  was a great man.

Ghandi, MLK, Fannie Lou Hamer, Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, Imhotep, Hatsepshut, Michael Jackson.  These are just a few people we know of who have been called great.  How do we know?  I have learned the measure of greatness is in the gifts we give.  These individuals and so many more, known and unknown, have gifted the world, with their talents, tenacity, kindness, generosity & humility. We are all capable of greatness.  It is upon each one of us to demonstrate it.

Gratefully & greatfully,