Workplace Wellness

Corporate Wellness Options available. We specialize in custom yoga programs for the workplace.

Contact  @ 770-648-4450 for detailed information.

What our clients are saying:

“This is so fantastic and I am so happy we are able to take a class with you”


“For the first time I can remember, I actually look forward to coming to work on Wednesdays. Why? Because that’s when you teach yoga at my office. No matter how stressful my day or week has been, when class starts I know I’ll be at peace. Afterwards, my mind is clear, my body is happy and I can tackle the rest of the week. I can’t thank you enough.  Namaste!”


“This is the best class I could have taken.  I visited the doctor on Friday 03/08/13  and I received the best news concerning my blood pressure in seventeen years. My pressure was 121/82 and normally it is high and I lost 10 pounds. I will go back to the doctor in July and I know I will be doing even better and the doctor will take me of blood pressure medicine something I have wanted to hear for years. I started taking Kemiko’s yoga class, at work, in January 2013 and I have been more stress free than ever . I have learned to think positive and your body will respond in the same manner.  I am more relaxed and conscious on being negative or having negative thoughts. The experience of taking Yoga is the best thing I could have ever happened to me.  My health is so important to me so I will definitely continue to do Yoga.”