Lessons from my garden

In this place I am fully present! I love to garden! I love to eat! I love real food! I have been gardening for many years now. Until recently I did not notice how focused, calm and relaxed I am in this place. The more I spend time here the more I realize why I love it so much. The lessons that unfold are as bountiful as the food that I harvest. Nature is kind, strong, relentless, forgiving and nurturing. Each year my garden grows as do I. Each year my garden changes as do I. Each year my skills deepen, my mind stretches and my body strengthens. The garden is silent and it speaks truth. The garden meets me at every step. When I am giving so is my garden. When I am selfish so is my garden. The garden is one of the greatest teachers I have encountered, yet it does not speak. I am grateful for my garden. Namaste

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