The measure of greatness

Quantifying greatness is just not possible.  But we do recognize greatness when we see it.  We know of  “The great Muhammad Ali” and Alexander the Great (a Roman leader).  Indeed these individuals have impacted history and the world in profound ways.   Nelson Mandela, just passed on after 95 years of life.  He, in my opinion,  was a great man.

Ghandi, MLK, Fannie Lou Hamer, Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, Imhotep, Hatsepshut, Michael Jackson.  These are just a few people we know of who have been called great.  How do we know?  I have learned the measure of greatness is in the gifts we give.  These individuals and so many more, known and unknown, have gifted the world, with their talents, tenacity, kindness, generosity & humility. We are all capable of greatness.  It is upon each one of us to demonstrate it.

Gratefully & greatfully,


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