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We are here to serve you. Healing through yoga is possible. THE WORTHY LOTUS  (TWL) is the next generation of personal wellness. Created for a diverse audience of enthusiasts who wish to use yoga as a tool of empowerment to add value to their health and wellness with knowledge, coaching and self-discipline.

We will work with you to develop a customized program for your individual needs.   Emotional and  physical healing practices are designed for your unique experience.  Click on the Yoga private page for more information.

TWL uses yoga as a healing tool to promote wellness of mind body and spirit. Take a moment and browse our site. As you navigate the pages, inhale and exhale deeply. We look forward to working with you on your life journey!

We know for sure that our bodies are designed to fully thrive.  We have the ability to impact our vitality with ways that include proper nutrition, body movement, mindful activities, emotional and mental well being.

“Be as flexible as nature.  Your body is a physical expression of your belief about the world.”


2 Responses to Welcome to The Worthy Lotus

  1. Rhonda B. Bailey says:

    Kemiko, my cousin Jewell Vinson recommends your yoga classes. If I wanted to take classes, what packages do you offer and cost? Rhonda

    • Kemiko says:

      Hi Rhonda,

      Jewell sent me a msg too. Would love to talk with you more @ your convenience. We will be offering a summer series 9 classes for $75, beginning in July. You can drop in to any of our current classes for $10. Feel free to call me if you have more questions. 770-648-4450.


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